Turning Contracts into a Strategic Advantage with a Hybrid Approach to Contract Analytics

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How can you turn your contracts into a Strategic Advantage? By using both human expertise and machine intelligence.

The circumstances under which businesses operate are constantly changing. Whether related to regulatory changes, acquisition, divestiture, market-based or geopolitical shifts, businesses need to adapt quickly and methodically. However, with thousands of static contracts, responding to and preparing for change can be a considerable challenge.

Many companies feel they must make a choice between either hiring lawyers, consultants or implementing the latest technology. We are a specialized consultancy focused exclusively in high volume contracts analytics, review and remediation. A hybrid methodology ensures the best-fitting legal, technology and domain expertise.

Our team has worked with the most relevant AI-driven solutions that can rapidly analyze all your contracts to discover the potential risks – and hidden opportunities.

Combining technology with expertise, we are able to minimize project risks. We consult with stakeholders to assess your unique business needs, understand current contracting practices and help determine your ideal outcomes. Governance and change management, important elements of project architecture, are included, and ensure technology use. We’ll help to install, configure and deploy the technology to ensure optimal project performance and broad scale adoption. The result is better outcomes for your business, all around.
Ultimately, the benefits of choosing a partner that offers a hybrid solution, like IntelScout, are threefold:

  1. Speed: Scanning and analyzing thousands of contracts would take any human – or team of humans – weeks to months. AI-driven technology can complete this task in a fraction of the time, parsing through terabytes of contracts in hours to days.
  2. Accuracy: With our hybrid approach combining specialized technology and domain expertise, we deliver the most accurate results possible. Many technologies are only about 80-90 percent accurate, and few businesses are willing to take on that risk of error – particularly where legal contracts are involved. We cover that gap with additional technologies and well-honed human intelligence.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: IntelScout is able to deliver speed and accuracy at a reasonable cost including some fixed price components. When you partner with IntelScout your organization benefits from the discovery phase of your project, straight through to its successful completion. Plus, you’ll always get our “A” team – senior consultants with decades of experience.

If your organization has thousands of contracts on file and you have concerns about changing laws or other regulatory updates, contact us today and learn how we can help. Don’t wait until it’s too late – assess the risks and uncover the opportunities within your contracts before exposure finds you. Consultations are free, and we can custom-build a solution for your business.

Contact us today for your free consultation.

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