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Make unstructured data accessible for automated workflows, strategic decision support and machine enhanced contracting processes.

How your contracts are handled will impact your business results 

  • What are the value or risk factors?  
  • Who touches them and in what way? 
  • Are they easily accessible, fully classified?

Our expertise in legal operations, in buy and sell side contracting, combined with our insight into the latest technology advancements achieve results that truly transform.

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) the opportunity to surface data quickly, at significantly reduced costs has transformed contract review for things like, pre-M&A due diligence or post-M&A integration, Risk Management and Compliance. 

We leverage best in class legal technology to achieve significant productivity results, visibility to risks and opportunity for enhanced revenue generation.

AI based technology solutions are most impactful when integrated with human workflows.  Business expertise is critical to realizing the full benefit.

We always start with a clear view of your needs, your values and goals; even our innovation designs are rooted in collaboration.

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