Sales Optimization

Is your contract review process slowing your time to close?

Contracts are as much a part of the sell side of a business as they are for the purchase side. On the sell side, contract review is often seen as a delaying mechanism to a timely successful close.

It does not need to be so. Current technologies provide tools to substantially increase productivity and collaboration for this important step to eliminate any delay, while preserving the integrity of the process.

Benefits We Provide

Automating the review process by leveraging machine learning technologies can speed the review process significantly. Contract review software can scan and identify non-standard clauses in seconds allowing legal teams to identify and revise conditions in a fraction of the time. By incorporating extraction and analytics into approval workflows the time lapse from verbal to signature can be minimized turning revenue into reality.

Increase Revenue

Our Approach

We conduct interview sessions with stakeholders, user groups, support and operations to understand current state, desired outcomes, how governance, policies, rules and systems architecture can achieve desired business results.

We explore with the customer team, new AI/ML enabled technologies, map point solutions to re-imagined process and practices. Establish investment, ROI and launch opportunities.

Applying a high degree of discipline and competence we ensure that the project outcomes happen on time, on budget and that they are measured only against customer needs and goals.

We ensure that insight has been achieved that will be the foundation and framework for all future investment in the areas we build.

We leave the customer with a forward looking roadmap that will ensure the solution that is in place has longevity and meets the needs of ever changing of business and customer demands.


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